up up and away

A lil info bout myself… a self confessed perfectionist and feminist, I firmly believe in the policy of live and let live!

I hate to be taken for granted and take immense pride in being a Mangalorean and simply love everything about the city :)

I love reading, drawing, painting, listening to music and dancing (honestly there is hardly a thing I don’t take interest in…). I hate self help books, Mr/Ms Know it all’s and religious intolerance.

I enjoy travelling and meeting new people. I also have a liking towards cinema and anything made of chocolate.

Here I am sharing my thoughts on varied topics and would love to hear your comments :)


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Neha,

    very ‘nutty’ or is ‘naughty’ 🙂 no on a seriously note, this was good, esp loved The Ramayan fast forward version, had to keep my voice really low cos i could not BUt help laughing out loud!!!

    I never once doubted your abilities Neha, and one more feather to that already feathered head of yours, master play write… let me also on to the blog “wagon” .. i’ll call u some time… let the blog rain ideas!! from Nutty neha. way to go….

    1. I will be glad to help you ma’am.. 🙂

      Thank you so much for the appreciation and inspiration… Do keep following my blog and really looking forward to your comments 😀

  2. Hey Neha,

    I did love the way u Expressed the feelings/Dreams, Particularly i did love the
    HUNK story and now i am a great fan and follower of you,

    Really Superb,

    Mahantesh Teggi

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