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It was a rainy Sunday evening. I look out the window. The streets were deserted. “It’s been pouring since morning. What a boring weekend!” I brood aloud as I Whatsapp-ed my friends. Trying to make me feel better, Husband suggests “Well… It’s a perfect weather for chai and pakoras”.  I cheer up immediately and teasingly message… Continue reading Hygge

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New Theme

As you might have noticed, I have been experimenting with the look of this site. I wanted the site to look clean and fuss free. Do let me know if you find this better than the previous theme.

Train of thoughts

Yeh shaadi nahin aasan…

  I have many single friends who are extremely confused when it comes to the topic of marriage. So I thought of helping them out by giving my two cents on a few questions that I’m usually hurled at 😀 I’m no expert and I don’t claim to be one either but I have answered… Continue reading Yeh shaadi nahin aasan…