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Love Vs Arranged Marriage

Love marriage (Great choice but a difficult option) MEANING: Girl and Boy fall in love and decide to get married ADVANTAGE: Girl and Boy love each other PROBLEMS: Parents, society, religion/caste (even gothra!!!) DESCRIPTION Love marriages according to me are a great option… The guy and girl know each other well and have made the… Continue reading Love Vs Arranged Marriage

Train of thoughts

Speaking from the heart…

From my childhood days I’ve always been branded as a very talkative person. Yapping at the very opportunity of a listener 😀 Having said all this I must add that my mother beats me… I have always admired her… She has been my best(est) friend and my greatest support system…One of the qualities that I… Continue reading Speaking from the heart…

Train of thoughts

My dancing partner….

Recently watched a video of a man and woman dancing.. The simple graceful moves and their awesome chemistry kept my attention… As i was watching the video i had a realization that our lives(with our partner) is very much like a dance For it to be successful we need to synchronize our acts and match… Continue reading My dancing partner….


My Collages – NuttyBrainReloaded

Creating fun collages for family and friends has been a great hobby of mine. It all started with my explorations of a simple yet amazing photo editing tool called picasa… A few memorable pics, a lil bit of creativity and 15 mins later i was a Collage Specialist 😀 And now i can say ‘im… Continue reading My Collages – NuttyBrainReloaded