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It was a rainy Sunday evening. I look out the window. The streets were deserted. “It’s been pouring since morning. What a boring weekend!” I brood aloud as I Whatsapp-ed my friends. Trying to make me feel better, Husband suggests “Well… It’s a perfect weather for chai and pakoras”.  I cheer up immediately and teasingly message… Continue reading Hygge

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New Theme

As you might have noticed, I have been experimenting with the look of this site. I wanted the site to look clean and fuss free. Do let me know if you find this better than the previous theme.

Train of thoughts

Yeh shaadi nahin aasan…

  I have many single friends who are extremely confused when it comes to the topic of marriage. So I thought of helping them out by giving my two cents on a few questions that I’m usually hurled at 😀 I’m no expert and I don’t claim to be one either but I have answered… Continue reading Yeh shaadi nahin aasan…

Train of thoughts

Gone with the wind

I woke up this morning and as usual the first thing I do is put on some song that will keep me pepped up all day. Today “Happy” was on my mind and I got into my youtube app searching for that song. Before I could select the song I happened to see a “Janu… Continue reading Gone with the wind

Train of thoughts

The Unicorn

  Sweet and loving was my unicorn Being wise and patient was inborn   Fulfilled my every childish whim Encouraged me, let my ideas swim   Lifted my spirits when i was dull Drove away my worries, let me lull   Showed me the sun, stars and moon Felt like a friend, an angel, a boon  … Continue reading The Unicorn

Train of thoughts

Real men don’t rape!

Read the detailed write up on the recent Delhi gang rape incident and it left tears in my eyes. How inhuman can we get? My heart goes out to the poor girl and thousands of others who continue to face such abuse every day. Why do such incidents happen? Thanks to our media and our… Continue reading Real men don’t rape!

Train of thoughts

Love Thyself

When you don’t pursue something don’t expect to conquer it When you don’t know what you’re looking for don’t expect to recognize what you’ve found When you don’t love yourself don’t expect to be loved by others The day you understand yourself… you achieve what your heart desires 🙂 The day you love yourself… you… Continue reading Love Thyself