Train of thoughts



It was a rainy Sunday evening. I look out the window. The streets were deserted. “It’s been pouring since morning. What a boring weekend!” I brood aloud as I Whatsapp-ed my friends. Trying to make me feel better, Husband suggests “Well… It’s a perfect weather for chai and pakoras”.  I cheer up immediately and teasingly message my friends “Sulaimani Chai and Onion pakoras for tea :P”. As I was frying the pakoras, I hear the doorbell ring. The whole gang is here! “You make tea and pakoras and don’t invite us?!” says Harish barging into the kitchen with the gang following him close behind. One idea follows another and soon enough a lazy Sunday turns into a fun evening of Badam Saat(a game of cards), college time stories, giggles and Kishore Kumar filling the background with melodies from the past.

You can always count on friends to brighten up any dull day 🙂 Simple pleasures of life!




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