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Gone with the wind


I woke up this morning and as usual the first thing I do is put on some song that will keep me pepped up all day. Today “Happy” was on my mind and I got into my youtube app searching for that song. Before I could select the song I happened to see a “Janu Calling…” short romantic video posted and recommended for viewing. Recently bitten by the love bug I was curious to watch the video.

The shortfilm was based on the internet forward where the girlfriend keeps her promise of calling her boyfriend even after she dies. I hate sad ending and got a little irritated that this was the first thing I watched in the morning.

Brushing negative thoughts aside I got ready and headed to office. On my way I get a call from my manager. He seemed very upset and informed me that one of the freshers from office was admitted to the hospital after he fainted near office campus.

Ours is a big team and I couldn’t recollect the boy’s face then. After reaching office I get to know that he had passed away. My heart just stopped beating. A young boy who joined office couple of months back is now no longer between us. My heart wept for his parents who had to bear the loss of their only son.

I searched him on the company portal and realized I had seen him just yesterday. Can’t believe I’ll never see him again.

Incidents like this make you realize the fragility of life. I swear I will always tell the people I love, I truly care about them everyday. If I don’t live to see the light of tomorrow I should have no regrets.

Goodbye young man… May the angels lead you to heaven!


2 thoughts on “Gone with the wind

  1. Life is unpredictable. Jab tak jeeyoge sabko pyar karte chalo, sabko gale lagaate chalo. We must start expressing our feelings before we regret. By the way naam kya hai uss love bug ka 😉 😛

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