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Real men don’t rape!

Read the detailed write up on the recent Delhi gang rape incident and it left tears in my eyes.
How inhuman can we get? My heart goes out to the poor girl and thousands of
others who continue to face such abuse every day.

Why do such incidents happen?
Thanks to our media and our projection of women, most men now objectify women.
Motivated by lust they see women nothing more than a mere medium to satisfy their perverted needs.

Why is it that we read of such incidents almost every day in our papers?
People have no fear for the law. Many such incidents have happened in the past.
No one punishes the culprit. Our judicial system is slow and justice delayed is justice denied!
Many such cases are not even reported out of fear of facing public shame and challenging powerful
people who were behind the incident.

What can we do?
Many say martial arts training must be made mandatory for all girls. Good point.
My question, What if the bastard knows martial arts himself? What if the bastards come in large numbers?
How can a girl stand against 3 strong men even if she is skilled at martial arts?

I think the need is to make moral education compulsory.
Teach your children to respect women.
Set an example of a model family that treats women equally and inculcate a culture that encourages people choose partners of their choice.

Most importantly, speed up the judicial process especially for rape cases.
We want to see bastards caught and punished!
Punished in such a way that instills a fear for the law in those creeps who are entertaining perverted thoughts in their minds.

Increase police patrol. Safe cab service for single women who need to work or travel late hours.

If curses ever work, may you bastards be castrated and burnt alive!

But nothing can bring back a woman’s lost honor.

Shame on us for letting this happen to our women and children 😦


2 thoughts on “Real men don’t rape!

  1. First thing it’s good to see you back here…. 🙂

    About the topic of discussion… I’m not sure how much fear of law-like death penalty- will help in these cases but public humiliation or social abandons may help to bring down these kind of thoughts I believe. I’m sure moral education can do a lot for the next generation. Media is playing the catalyst role here. So we need some regulations on that too especially on video games nowadays.

  2. Good to see you write again Neha! And its definitely very nice to read your posts.

    Regarding the topic, definitely a strong decision needs to be taken by the Government for this. Otherwise its a shame….
    I feel when Mayans told human race would end in December they meant humanity instead of human race…Even I couldn’t control tears falling down when I read the complete article about gang rape..

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