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Exam humour

It was the summer of 2006… Software engineering paper… 5 mins for the exam and people are still frantically going through the text books as if they are reading it for the first time… The bell rings and I reluctantly put my book down… Sitting in the exam hall, I recollect the important points I had been studying all night… Quite content with my preparation I decide to look around… My classmate who had been sitting next to me all the while gives me a big broad smile… I return the smile wondering what I had done to owe this honour (he never even recognized my presence otherwise)…  The bell rings and the examiner starts distributing the question papers… I close my eyes and say a silent prayer… My partner suddenly taps on my desk, hinting me to keep my paper open so that he can cheat…  I don’t mind people cheating from my paper but I’m not okay getting caught helping someone cheat in the exam… It’s one of my biggest fears(as a student) and I could already imagine the examiner barking at me for being an accomplice in this felony(yeah I have a good imagination.. even during exams)…  Scared to the core I decide not to respond to him and just keep my answer sheet wide open…

The examiner was taking rounds and I grew more nervous each time… I start answering the first set of 1 mark questions… Surprisingly this year they had 20 one mark questions 10 placed in each parallel section… Not having much time to think I blindly scribble my answers… My partner kept tapping my desk… Well I had kept my answer sheet wide open.. Does he want me to get caught!!!
After some 10 odd mins of tapping on my desk… I finally look at him and ask him in an irritated tone “my answer sheet is not visible?”… he says ” Neha its Match the Following‘”…  And there it strikes me… I look at the question paper more clearly now…. “oooohhhhhhh shit!!!!’
I owe those 10 marks to that guy…. God bless him!… I’m sure he and his friends had a nice laugh after the exam 🙂 (atleast my friends enjoyed relaying it to their friends :D)
Couldn’t help add this image… Love C&H 🙂

8 thoughts on “Exam humour

  1. so my sweet sis so i used to tell if you have any doubts during exam ask me… :):P:P
    by now you would have been in MICROSOFT OR GOOGLE 😉

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