Train of thoughts

Shit happens… !@#$%^&*()?!

If you continue “being human” the following surely apply πŸ˜€

1. If your semester (question) paper follows the pattern “answer any 5 out of the following 8” (knowing that each question comes from one unit), we only study 5 units (max πŸ˜€ )…

2. You always discover something very important to study just 5 mins before the exam and that is usually the same topic asked in one of the questions πŸ˜€

3. During Viva, of all the topics you have studied and remember, the lecturer always asks something that you had missed. They always seem more interested in what you don’t know rather than what you know. It’s like they are gifted with a sixth sense when it comes to jacking you with the right questions!

4. The day you need to reach early, you miss the bus by just 5-mins…. aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh and then you have to wait for another hour for the next one

5. You keep an alarm for 5. The alarm rings promptly at 5. You say “10 more mins of snooze is not gonna harm”… and then you suddenly wakeup to realize that its 7.45 already… “heyyy it was supposed to be 10 mins…!!!!”

6. You get one week of revision holidays before the exam. Which pretty much goes like this…?

Day 1: Mental preparation
“You can do it… You have a week and you are gonna crack this exam!”

Day 2: Where the hell are all the books!!!???!!
“Okay so what subjects do i have!?!”
“Hmmmm so many units in each subject…”
“Why does this syllabus sheet look new to me?…”
“Do i even have a textbook ???”

Day 3: Time-table day
“I’m gonna finish these many units in this time… blah blah… ”

Day 4: Return of the Garfield
The moment you pick up a book you remember “Im so hungry… anything to eat???…”
“Nice cozy bed… look at this pillow… it’s so soft…”
“The weather is so gloomy…just feel like curling up…”
“I’ll start tomorrow… today’s not a good day to study”

You start studying one subject… “This is too boring… I’m not heading anywhere… ”
“Let’s go with the next chapter… I’ll finish it quickly…”
By the end of the day you have studied nothing!

Day 6: Neha in Wonderland
“After the exams I’m gonna sleep all day… During the vacations I’m gonna visit this place… Oh and i have to watch this movie… ^&*&^*(#$#%$^”

Day 7: The END!
“oooookkayyy… i don’t really have time… let’s chuck this timetable and go with the “imp” questions that have come in the past 5 years question papers”

8. You remember someone’s birthday till the previous day and you forget to wish that person on the very day… SHIT!!!… And it’s usually the time you are the ONLY person who has not wished 😦

9. Your first crush is now married and has a kid πŸ˜€

10. When you are free you keep praying for some work. When you get work… Somehow miraculously work seems to pour in from all corners.. God save me!!!

11. You watch a feel good film. You decide to turn a new leaf and treat everyone nicely. Then you meet a Bangalore auto driver… πŸ˜€

12. Assignments and documentation work are never completed if not given a deadline and are usually complete only in the nth hour of the due date (This applies to a lot of things.. but let’s just highlight these 2 for the moment πŸ™‚ )

13. You never lie/ don’t like lying. And the day you lie you get caught red-handed.

14. The month you cautiously decide to save money is the month you spend the most.

15. The day your phone is dead (out of charge/out of range) is the day when you needed to make an emergency call. And thanks to the mobile phones you don’t remember anyone’s number πŸ˜€

16. You are busy commenting in your native language thinking nobody understands… And then the person next to you turns and smiles (Ooopppsss… he understood!!!)

17. You are working hard all day and in between you open Facebook for a few mins to relax… and that’s exactly when your manager walks in

This list can go on… You can add your points as comments πŸ™‚

MORAL: Continue being human… coz you know shit happens… anyway πŸ˜€


15 thoughts on “Shit happens… !@#$%^&*()?!

  1. nice one..wud like to add this one.
    “when i was having gala time @hp-global ..n when i thgt dis was the right place to be (:P), i get transferred to some other place..yeah shit happens …!”

  2. So true!! #17 has happened many times at work.. But the top in my list is this:

    I buy a product (international brand and quite expensive) a trial pack works wonders .. Happily buy the full pack in India, it turns a tragedy! Shit!

    1. arrreeeee………KT is soo cool..!! and also, you WS is one of those best locations i can ever dream of.:D so, #17 not applicable in ur case. πŸ˜›

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