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And i finally fell in love…

Feb 1 2010, we met for the very first time… and i must say i didnt like him one bit! He kept eyeing me wierdly. I found him rude and a lil cold hearted.

On our next meeting he tried to impress me with his richness and high profile connections. But im a simple Mangalorean girl, these things dont impress me much. Though sophisticated, he still lacked manners.

We kept seeing each other coz he was very persuasive.
What was different about him was that he didnt try to woo me. He was confident that i would like him. And that irked me the most!

He had a weird sense of humor and was full of surprises. I must say i did find his company a lot of fun 🙂
But i still didnt have any feelings for him.

After almost 3 months i finally got a week off from work and i was dying to go back home. He came to the bus stop to see me off and said “You are gonna miss me”.

What a guy! Always over confident! Miss him my foot! I have seen better guys. Who had some manners and knew how to talk to girls. I was determined  not to entertain him much in future.

It was my last night at home. My holiday was great but something was missing. Though i was with the people i love the most i still felt incomplete and i was left confused. That night i dreamt of him. He was clad in a back suit wearing his boyish teasing smile. He said “Didnt i say you’ll miss me 😉 “.

Did i really miss him? Maybe it was true but i was in denial.

I was back and as i stepped out of my bus i saw him! My heart skipped a beat. I had a funny feeling in my tummy as he spotted me. The grin was back on his face just like the one he wore in my dreams. He came close and said “I really missed you Miss Mangalore”. I kept staring at him shocked at this sudden display of emotions.

He tenderly held my hand and planted a soft kiss on it. A shiver ran down my spine. He was so cold! I asked him “Are you a vampire??? Your touch is so cold!”
He laughed loudly and replied “No i am Bangalore… and you have fallen in love with me!” 🙂

A sudden realization struck me that i really loved this man called Bangalore…
He was right! Like he always is!

Its been over a year now and these are the things i like about him…

1. He is very ambitious. According to him nothing is impossible.
2. He is very busy but somehow he always manages to make time for me!
3. He never objected to any of my tantrums and has helped me to stand on my own feet.
4. This is the most important one. He loves me the way i am.

Thank you Bangalore for all this and more. I love you!

PS: Mangalore is my first love and biggest obsession ever!


12 thoughts on “And i finally fell in love…

  1. Really nice story… Good feel… And as usual a good twist, but unpredictable and very surprising.

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