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Valentines Day

I wake up in the morning and my mobile is happily beeping its way to glory… Its raining sms’s… OOooohhh no! Valentines day! All my friends are sending Valentines Day wishes.. Cute you say? Nah these are those silly forwarded sms’s that read you send this to 20 people and the man/woman of your dreams will come and kiss you by midnight…. if you don’t you lose him/her for the rest of your life!
Irritated I switch on TV… And lo! The idiot box is flooded with valentines day advertisements..”Make your valentines day special” “Gift your loved one a priceless gift… A diamond necklace”  yeah right! Why not gift a monkey or a rhino that would be special…!(No one on this planet would’ve thought of that!)
I wasn’t really bothered about valentines day.. But these adds on TV and Internet make it really difficult for single people like me 😦
Wearing a pink kurti I head to office… At least I’ll have some respite there… As I was getting out of my PG the girl next room was coming with her friend… She looks at my kurti and quickly says something to her gal pal and they both have a nice laugh… Now what’s that supposed to mean?.. Then i realise I’m wearing PINK!(pink means flirt on valentines day!) Damn you valentines day! I cant even wear clothes of the colours of my choice…
Coz each colour has an stupid meaning!
Its not that I hate valentines day but common! Let single people live peacefully… please!
Seated in the office shuttle and surfing the net from my mobile I was wondering how could I make my valentines day special? Just coz  I’m single doesn’t mean I cant have fun 😉 And there like a message from the heavens… Bazzooom!!!
Ebay just gave me an awesome idea!!! 😀
As soon as I reach my desk… I confirm whether the “hunk” has come to office or not.. Who is “hunk” you ask.. Well that is the most handsome guy in office… Almost all the girls I know from office are mad about him 🙂  (Lets just call him Mr Hunk) But i simply hate him… Hate him for being so good looking and the worst part he knows that he’s a stud! He hardly gives any girl a look..  Arrogant!
I quickly log into and send myself a bunch of red roses and chocolate 🙂 and address them to me of course 😀 but the twist is that I write it as if it had come from Mr Hunk
Promptly after lunch break the roses are delivered to my desk… And the show begins 😉
I act shocked… My colleagues actually shocked come over to my desk… I pick up the card from the bouquet and its beautifully written “To My Love Neha From Mr Hunk” Everyone is like “oohhh that cute guy from wing2… Lucky girl..” Some smiles and winks follow from my friends and the rest of the gals just go back (Yeah i know you all are jealous 😛 )
I suddenly get up, pick up the card and rush to Wing2…
Mr Hunk is at his desk (huhuhuhahahaha)… I slam the card on his desk and bark at him “What the hell is this!!! Are you crazy? Just because you are good looking you think you can send roses to anyone??? Im not that kind of a girl Mr.Hunk”
The guy obviously shocked stares at me for 2 mins trying to grasp whatever happened and what I said.. He reads the card.. He quickly looks up and says “I really LOVE you Neha… Didn’t know how else I could say it”
My jaw dropped.. It must’ve almost hit the floor… Did he just say what I heard???
Shocked I reply “What!!!!…”
He adds “I know I shouldn’t have sent it to office but I didn’t know where you stay…”
He kneels down and says “Please Neha… will you marry me?”
All I remember after that is that I fainted crying “Are you out of your mind”

19 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. haha ..super me for your marriage.. read this post in office.. no good looking guys around me..damn …:x.. Lets see how your Valentine’s day goes this yr …

  2. Story was really nice. Good twist too. You, being the charactor in your story, doing all crazy stuff which you really wanna do in your real life I guess. 😛

  3. Stoked! Just checking your stuff for the first time. Your imagination really worked out as if it were real. Very impressive. Keep it up

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