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A Big No No! for Nando’s

I seriously feel like suing the radio channels in Bangalore for hyping Nando’s! Ok let me describe the whole experience…

Nandos’ is a world famous chain of casual dining restaurants serving Portuguese food. ..The radio channels in Bangalore had been raving about this eating joint in Church Street…  My cousin being the foodie she is, decided that we must pay the place a visit… The place had very nice ambience and was not too crowded(just the way i like it 🙂 )… We were ushered to a table for 6 when we were only 3… More space the better we thought… We sit there for around 15 mins and no one attends our table… After some time a waiter comes up to us to take our order when we still haven’t got a look at the menu… The menu comes and as we are deciding/contemplating what to order, the owner (I assumed he was the owner) asks us to shift to a table for 4 as he was expecting a bigger group… Well! Nothing was going to spoil our spirits… We graciously shift (Ok I wont lie… We didn’t like it)… I place an order for Chicken Fillet Burger and Mini Chicken Kebabs with Mild Peri Peri sauce (I must say the menu looked yummy)…  After some 5 mins the coke that my cousin and friend ordered is served and the new “high” waiter (I had seen him taking a drink from the bar) comes up to me and asks me what i ordered to drink… Just being a good host you say?…  Well this man kept asking us what we ordered till the end! Now when we already have a waiter taking our order why do we need to consult a second waiter???!!!???

Coming to the food, the Peri Peri sauce did little to improve the taste of my burger… And I ended up wasting most of my food… The iced tea was nothing great either!..What spoilt my mood completely was the hair in my Chicken Kebab!  😦  (Do I need to say more?)

As soon as I complain, the owner apologizes and agrees to replace the order… But honestly after discovering “hair” I didn’t want to eat anything!…  The best part was when I made the complaint the owner asks me who took our order… Now come on! How would I know the name of the waiter?? And above all you must be more interested in knowing who cooked the “make a wish” kebab rather than finding out the waiter!… Bah!

To top it all the service was also not good… One waiter takes the order… The second “high” waiter asks us again (and again and again!!!) what we ordered and a third waiter comes and serves the food without asking who ordered what! This was definitely not the dining experience I was looking forward to!

Moral of the story:  Nando’s Bangalore was a big let down! A never visit again from me!


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