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Mr. Hunk

I was waiting to catch the 7.45 Volvo… why?…coz I missed my 7.15 shuttle again… and as usual by just 1 min… Why does it always happen to me… why can’t I just be ready on time! As I was grumbling and cursing myself I see a handsome guy come and wait at the same bus stop… 🙂 well missing the shuttle wasn’t a waste 😉 after all… he looked really smart in his blue striped shirt… I always fall for guys who are smartly dressed and I believe guys always look better in formals… he’s definitely not from hp… otherwise I would’ve surely seen him… he’s too good looking to not be noticed (by me or my friends 😉 )… There comes my Volvo… hope he too gets into the same bus… I get in through the front (ladies entrance) door and give a casual glance behind… oh yes yes!… he’s coming to EC too yippee I’m in luck!… my thoughts get distracted by the annoying conductor… he asks “yellige???” and I say “HP ge yeshtu??” and the smart-ass replies “ondu 10-50 koti irbahudu”… everyone around me laugh… and to my greatest embarrassment Mr. Hunk also laughs… shit! I didn’t need this! Now he’s gonna remember me as the stupid girl from the bus… I quickly hand over a fifty rupee note to the conductor and pray that he wont crack any more jokes at my expense!… Too embarrassed to look around I quickly jump at a seat that gets empty… I put on my ear phones and start listening to music… after two stops the seat next to me gets empty… someone occupies it and I was too lost in the soulful music from fuzon to bother giving a look… Suddenly the guy next to me says, ”Which song is this?”… Surprised I turn and guess what! It was Mr. Hunk 🙂 I smile and just manage to say “its aakhon ke saagar by fuzon.. a pakistani band… is it too loud?” he laughs and says “yeah I think you’ve not plugged in your earphones properly”… to my greatest embarrassment I realize that all the while everyone could hear the song from my cell phone!!! Damn! Of all days this had to happen today!!! God I hate u 😦 for this!!! Again too embarrassed I start mumbling ‘sorry’s endlessly… he just smiles and says “nah that’s okay… it happened with me too… but I must say you’ve got great taste in music”… I smile sheepishly and start blushing like a school girl… he then adds “can you send me that last song?… I really liked it”… too excited that Mr. Hunk liked and complemented my taste in music I started sending him the song via Bluetooth and quietly apologized to God and promised to never say I hate u again :-)… he thanks me and I couldn’t help blushing again.. This definitely has to be my lucky day… we sit quietly for sometime and then he asks “Are u from Mangalore?” surprised I utter “yes… how did you know?” He says “your Kannada sounds different… I mean the accent… I just guessed” “yeah Mangalorean kannada does sound funny to others”… he quickly adds “ no no… in fact I find it quite cute…” When he said cute I felt as if he had called me cute… hahahaha… silly me… “Where are you from?” I was dying to know more about this handsome stranger… “I am from Bangalore… born and brought up here… “Oh wow… that’s cool” I say… God knows what was so cool bout being born and brought up in Bangalore!!!  But I was too flattered by the fact that he was talking to me… then he adds “So how long have you been in Bangalore?”… “It’s just been a few months… pretty new to this city“ I say trying hard not to stare at him foolishly… “How have you liked it so far?” he asks… “Well it’s nice… I really like the weather here… it’s so cool” Actually i hated the weather in Bangalore… I was literally freezing in that Volvo bus… He says “yeah Bangalore climate is really nice… you must wait till December… it gets very chilly then… Mangalorean climate is pretty humid right?”… “Yeah… but it’s a great place… you must visit… have you ever been to Mangalore?”… He smiles and responds “yeah my wife is from Mangalore”… wife!!! What!!! Nnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like crying… this can’t happen to me… I can’t just meet a handsome stranger and be lucky enough to talk to him to find out that he’s married!!!… Shocked and saddened by this sudden revelation I muster “oh…. Then you must be knowing a lot bout Mangalore and Mangaloreans”… Wonder how she looks… must be pretty… sad that he’s married… me and my luck… suddenly I hear someone shouting “Get up madam… you are getting late for your office shuttle”… Shuttle??!!!?? “What Shuttle?” I mumble… I finally realize that I was dreaming all along… I laugh at myself… my cousin adds “Wake up it’s already 6.45… you’ll miss your shuttle today too”…  I just pull the blanket over my head and say “I think I’ll take the 7.45 Volvo today… what if he’s single?”… My cousin who was in a rush to catch her shuttle hurries away confused.


20 thoughts on “Mr. Hunk

  1. Wow….!!!! Hats off..!!! Brilliant yaar..!! Good humor, superb narration and nice story… and i like your change from “nutty Neha” to “flirty Neha”… 😛

  2. Good suspense maintained until the end! 😀
    For once I thought it to be true and was proud on ur progress in finding Mr.Hunk!!! 😉

  3. Hmm oks.. I confess .. The previous comment was after i got myself back composed!! Neha I was actually jumping in joy thinking that ” aha! something is cooking” .. Arey was so happy until I gotto to know that it was a dream! I too think you should take a 7.45 shuttle.. what if he is single!?

    Loved it! Clever-knitted 🙂 ..

  4. Heyy.. Neha.. i ve heard dreams of the dawn come true!!

    And by the way now i know why u miss regular 7.15 shuttle and come by 7.45 volvo!!

    And at last i must say i really enjoyed reading this… it was great fun and suspense!!

  5. ROFL….
    i was just waiting for the word “Dream..!!” wen i was reading this one….
    coz i know these things happen only in movies…..
    was waitin and waitin for that word…and here it comes…!! big sigh..!!! uf…..coz i guessed it right..!!
    but then , it was almost as thrilling as Nana Patekar’s AB THAK CHAPPAN….suspense till last scene…..
    Good One……….

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