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Speaking from the heart…

From my childhood days I’ve always been branded as a very talkative person. Yapping at the very opportunity of a listener 😀 Having said all this I must add that my mother beats me…

I have always admired her… She has been my best(est) friend and my greatest support system…One of the qualities that I really like (in my mother) is that she always had a way with people…

She can talk to anyone and everyone… Though I’m a talkative person I can never do that… To indulge in a conversation the other person either has to be somewhere around my age or must share a common area of interest…  Mum never had such reservations… I would always be at a loss of words when I meet my old aunts and uncles… But mummy always had something to say to everyone and trust me that is a great skill… It is not something you can gain with experience but it’s definitely something you can build/work upon…

How do you keep your naughty lil cousin in a conversation? (this is very essential if they have a tendency to bring the house down with their mischief! 😀 )… Or how do you entertain your elder relatives who don’t watch TV or are not interested in/do not understand anything that you are passionate about…?  I’m sure we all have been through these situations… My respite is to go and call mum :-D…

But honestly communication is a great tool… Be it to break the ice / making new friends or keeping alive old relations. A person with good communication skills succeeds everywhere. It’s one of the top qualities of a good leader. Good communication is not limited to being able to articulate your thoughts well but also to put it in a way that is least offensive and most convincing.

To my mother it comes naturally and people simply adore her… I haven’t really been able to figure out how she does it 🙂 but I believe it has something to do with speaking from your heart…  Always mean what you say and never be mean even if you want to be critical…

Timing is also important… You don’t have to rush in with random topics but you must also never let the awkward pauses prop up… It’s like eating your sizzler as it sizzles without burning your tongue 😀 (What a quote!.. hahaha.. Had been to Kobe’s last Saturday :-P)


11 thoughts on “Speaking from the heart…

  1. Speaking from the heart, the article made a good read..
    Have become a Fan of your mom already! wish I could call her 😉 ..

    Just a thought rather a summary ! 😛 Having the courage to be sincere, open and honest opens the door to deeper communication all around.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. @Maithri Shashank’s Comment..
    arree wah..!! what a quote…..Maithranandamayi……..!! \\m//
    @Neha..i was always wondering about this quality of being witty and sarcastic… you…
    now i get it…
    btw..did any one try pulling your mom’s leg??..:P

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