Train of thoughts

My dancing partner….

"Oh darling... Save the last dance for me... "

Recently watched a video of a man and woman dancing..
The simple graceful moves and their awesome chemistry kept my attention…
As i was watching the video i had a realization that our lives(with our partner) is very much like a dance

For it to be successful we need to synchronize our acts and match our steps…
Cover up when your partner misses a beat… Support each other and maintain your balance during the lifts and falls…
There must be a chemistry without which the dance wouldn’t be joyous..

Funny but life teaches its lessons everywhere… Why do we need self help books when all the lessons of life are spread out right in front of our eyes

We just need to keep our eyes open(to unravel the mysteries of life) and find our dancing partner… 😉


4 thoughts on “My dancing partner….

  1. Yeah… 🙂 Neha …. Even if he is not.. You will make him. Don’t worry. I really liked this article… I have added this article to my favorite list. I m Waiting to know what is going to come next…..

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