Train of thoughts


Ramayan title track(Ramanand Sagar) – background image – cast

Scene I – Into

Ram –  Bachna aye haseeno

Laxman – I hate love stories

Saturday night out (Club scene) – Hey Baby

Sita Swayamvar announcement

Scene II – Sita Swayamvar

Challenge – Dance Comp / Weight lifting

Contender 1: Himesh’s style – Kajrare / any irritating song

Contender 2: Shahrukh RNBJ style – Haule Haule

Contender 3(Ram): Mujhse shaadi karogi

Sita’s father happy – Kya baat! kya baat! kya baat!

Wedding party – Twist!

Kaikeyi enters – komolika track

Janakraj to kaikeyi  – paisa pasia

Kaikeyi to Janak Raj – Money show me the money

Kaikeyi  gives wedding gift – 14 yrs fully paid trip to the Jungle by Vanvas Travels + Laxman joins them

Scene III – Vanvas

Ram and Laxman doing all housework – Soni de nakhre / Zooby Dooby

Ram asks Sita for permission – Sita enquires about all household work – Then grants permission

Ram goes to watch Football

Surpanaka calls Laxman : Chigy wiggy with u – facebook request not accepted

Scene IV – Ram missing

Sita gets tensed – tries calling him(Vodafone no signal)

Sends Laxman to find him

Laxman activates Avast for Sita’s Security

Scene V – Kidnapping Sita

Ravan enters – Love me love me love me

Ravan teases Sita – aati kya sri lanka

Avast alert

Sita tries to delete virus but the deletion requires paid version

Ravan abducts Sita and they zoom to sri lanka in his Ferrari

Scene VI – Finding Ram

Laxman finds Ram using Airtel friend finder

Scene VII – Sita missing

Ram in tragedy – Chan se jo toote koi sapna

Laxman calls Hanuman – Silly Caller Tune – waka waka

Hanuman gets Sita’s tweets

Hanuman googles for cheap air tickets to lanka

Scene VIII – In Lanka

Sita waiting for Ram –Piya tu ab to aaja

Scene IX – Battle for Sita

Tug of war – Dhan te naan

Ravan loses

Victory!!! – IPL music

Ram-Sita unite – Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi

Ravan cries – emotional atyachar

Ram & Sita console Ravan – Mustafa Mustafa

Mandodari enters – meri adhuri pyas pyas

Mandodari & Rest – kajrare – Sita pulls Ram away

Ravan fida – Dil to bachcha hai ji – runs behind Mandodari with rose


“We all have an inner child. We just need to let it out more often”


7 thoughts on “Ramayan++

  1. Awesome!! This is a sign of creativity…See!!! 🙂 Its really good…He!He! I loved it…Though i have no much knowledge abt computers, i understood it…and its hillarious!! 🙂

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